Zoner 3D Photo Maker 1.0

Zoner 3D Photo Maker 1.0

Many photographers find that shooting photos is exciting, but when it comes to work in their virtual photo lab, that things get boring. How about spicing things up by taking a break to make your own 3D photos with Zoner 3D Photo Maker! And you don’t need special equipment to do it, not even a tripod -- the camera you already have is enough. Save processing of your hundreds of photos for later -- have fun making 3D photos!

What you can do with Zoner 3D Photo Maker

A Painless Trip to the Third Dimension

All you need to do to create 3D photos is to take two practically identical shots of the same subject, usually from about the same distance apart as your eyes. Zoner 3D Photo Maker assembles the two shots into an image that will look 3D when viewed through special colored glasses. Zoner can provide these glasses by post for a fee.

Automatic Assembly

To get a true 3D effect, you need for the image to be assembled from the two source images precisely. The process of finding common points takes place entirely automatically, and you can even use pictures that were taken without using a tripod. The automatic wizard makes the annoying task of seeking the proper shot positionings by hand unnecessary.

Advanced Fixes

You can hand-edit in situations where the source images were at different heights or rotations, and you can use color optimization options to get a good color balance despite the natural color shifting that occurs when viewing an image through 3D glasses' colored lenses.

Size : 5.9 MB